Derek DeCutter Clement styling process for curly 4a hair

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Derek DeCutter Clement, a UK living legend in the Afro Hair industry provides the 7 steps he takes to style curly 4a hair.

Watch the video below and read the steps Derek takes to achieve his signature look.

1. Since it tends to tangle easily, I first began by washing her hair with our SheaMoist with Castor Oil and Derek DeCutter Clement Co-Wash conditioning cleanser.
2. This allows hair that tends to tangle or excessively dry ease when combing and managability for restoration.
3. This is followed By Using The Sheamoist Shampoo With Jamaica Black Castor Oil that’s shampooing the just once thoroughly, to repair the hair.
4. This Is followed By Sheamoist Creme Conditioner with Jamaican Castor Oil and allowed to seat on the hair under a steamer for a half-hour to revitalize the hair. This is thoroughly rinsed off leaving the hair rejuvenated.

“The day that steered the wheel of destiny for me was when I accompanied my girlfriend to the hairdressers and while seated in the reception area what I saw changed my life forever…”

5. Followed by adding liberally Sheamoist Hydrator With Jamaican Castor Oil, this hydrates the hair since fine hair such as hers tend to frizz easily.

6. We then massage into the hair to increase its moisture level Sheamoist with Jamaican Castor Oil Leave-in conditioner (“Hence Sheamoist,”).

7. In order to achieve that flowing cascading curl flow, I added curly extensions with no heat the same curl pattern as the model’s hair. Using a bonding lotion for a firm hold.


The net result was volume, movement, and balance.

As can be seen, the model’s hair is a glorious healthy glowing mane. With her own hair.

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Moisturized re-hydrated, repaired, restored, rejuvenated to encourage hair growth.


Photographer – Peggy St. Clair
Retoucher – Ridvan Bayrakoglu
Model – Aleesha Hansel
Hair – Derek DeCutter Clement
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