Hair Extension Style Caddy

Hair Works 4-in-1 Hair Extension Style Caddy $24.99 Amazon Prime

Why do you need the Hair Extension Caddy?

Because when it’s time to co-wash your hair extensions. Normally you would dread this day. It took longer than you wanted. Sometimes you had to grip the weft with your teeth to get a good hold. Plus, shedding occurred at times.

But those days are long behind you. And your detangling session is gentler, easier, and faster than ever. You’re putting in less work and your hair extensions are lasting month after month.

Features and Benefits

* Makes washing, detangling, air drying, blow drying, flat ironing, twisting, and braiding, much easier.*
* Designed to keep your hair extensions firmly in place as you care for them.
* Prevents the hair from bunching up as you detangle.
* Sturdy hold. Uses suction cups to grip onto surfaces like countertops and shower walls.
* Lightweight and perfect for travel. Traveling bag included.

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