BlackHairOlogy Hair Story Series: Imani Gerissé Kane

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In our first edition of our BlackHairOlogy Hair Stories we bring to you New York, NY resident Imani Gerissé Kane.

Read below as Imani shares with us her natural hair present and future.

BlackHairOlogy: Your everyday hair care?

Imani Gerissé Kane: I usually do my hair once a week and hope it lasts. I wash my hair, deep condition usually overnight, rinse in the mornging, and followup with a liquid consistency leave n and gel for a wash n go or braid out.

Laying and setting my edges is something I do daily.

BlackHairOlogy: Where do you see your hair in the future?

Imani Gerissé Kane: Back to Blonde. I loved my natural hair lightened. I feel like your hair can shape and speak for your personality and I was in love with that color. I just hope the nect time around I can achieve both length and color, while maintaining my hair health.

BlackHairOlogy: Do you try new products or make them?

Imani Gerissé Kane: Both? I definitely try out different shampoos, deep conditioners, leave ins, and even styling gels. On the same token, I;ve made y own flax seed gel and I make my own spray and concotion to revamp my hair on days it’s needed.

BlackHairOlogy: How long have you been natural and do you still go to a hairdresser?

Imani Gerissé Kane: I’ve been natural 10 years. I mostly do my own hair, but I’ll go to a stylist for color, braids, trims, etc.

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BlackHairOlogy: What is your favorite hair trick?

Imani Gerissé Kane: My favorite trick is “banding” your wash n go for length and learning that my hair likes liquid consistency leave ins.

BlackHairOlogy: Your challenges with wearing your hair in corporate America?

Imani Gerissé Kane: I would say I never really worried about what corporate America thought about my hair. I have no desire to fit in with corporate America. I personally haven’t been affected by this, but I know it exists.