Heroine Nish’s Hair Routine Video

Heroine Nish is a make up artist from the Bronx, NY. 
Watch her video below as she takes us through her hair care routine.

Heroine Nish can be found on IG @heroinemua and on her youtube channel

Video transcript:

It is Heroine Nish and I am coming to you guys with a mini tutorial on how I do my hair since I cut it. 

First things first, you want to get a comb and a spray bottle full of water. I love to spray my hair before I comb it because it just loosens my hair up and gives it that moisture that it needs, so that the comb doesn’t kind of get stuck in it. 

I like to take a clean wipe and wipe away the edges of my hairline because I do my makeup first sometimes when I’m doing my hair, so you don’t want the makeup to mix with the edge control. So you wipe some away.

Then I go in with my edge control that I will put down in the description box below. I like to go in with my edge control first because it is a wax hold and it will mold my hair to the way I want it to be rather than it reverting back to its natural state when using a water-based gel, which is also why I do my edges first and then I continue on to the rest of my hair. 

The next product that I am using is the Got2B gel in the black bottle, which is the clear one. I like to just lightly coat a little bit of gel over what I have already done with the edge control just so that I still have the firm hold after I tie my edges up.Next things next, I like to take an old pair of stockings if I have any, and just cut the legs off and use them as little headbands for my edges, for edge control and things of that sort. I usually use a paper strip, but I don’t have any right now, so we are just going to improvise. 

The next thing we are going to do is we are going to oil our scalp because it is so important. I am using the Kaleidoscope Drops which has been very good to my hair since I cut it down. It has been growing back fully thick and really nice and really full. It’s also very important to stay consistent with anything you do. Being consistent has definitely helped me with these miracle drops.

After spraying your hair and making it really moist with more water, you want to go ahead with your curling solution. I’m using African Prides Shea Miracle Moisture Intense Twist and Loc Smoothie for natural hair. This has been a Holy Grail to my hair since I cut it. I had a lot of issues finding products that were defining my hair, but still feeling lightweight and giving my hair the moisture that it needed. I got this from my local beauty supply store. It was only $5.49 plus tax. It has been doing wonders to my hair, so you guys should check it out.

This sponge is double-sided, one for twist and one for coils. The twist side has been the side that I have been using primarily, so that’s just what I stick to. You can also find these at your local beauty supply store. All you want to do is just keep going in the same circular motion on your head and watch it do its magic. 

Now that you are sponged to perfection, you just want to make sure those edges are intact and you are pretty much good to go after this. This is pretty much how I do my hair with the same products that I’m currently using. 

Thank you so much, guys for watching and just stay posted for more videos that I have to come. 


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