Hair Growth with Weave Before and After

Looking for ways to grow your hair while still wearing a weave? Look no further as we have tutorials and before and after videos on how a weave can help your hair growth. A properly installed and cared for sew in weave won’t technically grow your hair but it can protect it from damage and overuse which will promote hair growth.


PROOF: Sew In Weaves Do Grow Your Hair

Product used:
DOO GRO Mega Thick Growth Oil

Important tips to achieve the best Growth results

  • Straighten weave only when necessary too much straightening prevents growth
  • Wrap your hair every night
  • Don’t over oil your scalp (1-2 times a week is usually enough)
  • Take weave out every 3 months
  • Use Biotin Pills


How I Repaired My Thinning Edges

Product used:
Curly Hair Bun
ORS Fertilizing Temple Balm
Rosemary Oil

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